5 things I took away from the series Insecure about the Black Community

5 things I took away from the series Insecure about the Black Community

If you were a fan of HBO's Insecure, then you know that this was the series final season.  As sad as many of us were that it was ending, it gave us a lot in return. Here are are my 5 things I took away from the series about the black community.

1. We should always be finding ways to improve our community

I loved Issa's concept of the BLOCC! It legit was a dream job and a dream experience wrapped up into one.  From her dwellings to the local restaurants to her career choices, Issa always had the community on her mind, and we should too.

2. Having a tribe to do life with is necessary

We hear time after time, a handful of friends is all you need and that proved true with this series.  Issa, Molly, Kelly and Tiffany was the crew we all can relate to. Even as I reflect on my own friendships, I have a few ladies in my circle that I can call anytime, laugh at anything and go anywhere with. What about you?

3. Gifts are different, but everyone can excel

Molly is a lawyer, Kelly is a financial planner, Lawrence a tech guy, Nathan a barber and Issa....was figuring it out! Either way I was truly inspired by the diversity of skills, careers and pay grades. Let's teach the next generation to be diverse in careers too because let's face it, we need more of everything!!! Architects, Teachers, Engineers, Business Owners, Mechanics, Contractors...take your pick!

4. Mature Co-Parenting is a must

Key word is Mature. Even though Lawrence and Condola's drama was not a fan favorite, this was one of my proudest moments of the show. I have seen my fair share of co-parenting go horribly wrong in the black community and to be honest, I believe it plays a major part in what's crippling our community. What Lawrence and Condola showed was grown ups acting like grown ups and putting the child first. Let the bitterness and selfishness go and compromise like adults for the sake of the child and their well-being.  Children want to be a part of both parent's lives, let's do better!

5. It's important to support black artists, designers, makers, creatives and businesses

Of course it is! Black businesses and black creatives is where it is AT, so I love to see celebrities show us some love on the screen.  There were so many outfits, art pieces, songs, restaurants that Insecure put us on.  Issa and Molly's wardrobe alone kept me glued to the screen. So lets keep up the great support, let our black dollars stay black dollars and circulate the community.

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